Landlord Certificate

Landlord Safety Certificate

Each year a landlord is required to produce a landlord safety certificate. We can provide you with this certificate hassle-free and we will check up to three appliances.

With this certificate you will also receive a free annual boiler service to make sure your boiler is problem free and is running efficiently.

Landlord Maintenance Package

The landlord maintenance package is the same as our Gold Boiler Breakdown Cover plus an annual safety certificate and a free boiler service.

For just £21 a month this covers the cost of all parts and labour incurred when repairing the central heating system. The central heating system includes all associated controls, header tanks, indirect cylinders, electrical controls, pipework, radiators and valves. Plus a free annual boiler service.

Repairs and Servicing

All repairs and servicing issues can be taken out of your hands. We can deal with the tenant or managing agent directly to book in any repairs and servicing.

Legionnaires Risk Assessments

We as a company can offer you a Risk Assessment and are qualified under IOSH.  The purpose of this Legionella Risk Assessment is to show that sufficient care has been taken to assess the risk of legionella in the property by undertaking an inspection of the water systems and reporting our findings for the benefit of the landlord and the tenant and in accordance with the current legislation and guidance.
Legionnaires’ disease is a form of pneumonia that primarily affects those members of the population who are at risk due to age, illness, immunosuppression etc and can in cases be fatal.  It can also cause less serious illnesses, which are not fatal or permanently debilitating but can affect all people. Legionella pneumophila is the bacterium responsible for the disease and is often present in natural sources of water.  When the bacteria enter manmade water systems and are provided with ideal growth conditions, eg. temperature and nutrients, they proliferate rapidly.
When the bacteria is released as an aerosol, eg. showers, spa baths, cooling towers, taps and water fittings, they can be inhaled and cause the disease in susceptible individuals.
What you should do as a Landlord?
Feel free to contact Property Heatcare Limited on 01909 470402 to arrange for your rental residential properties to be assessed.  Our price for this Risk Assessment is £80 + VAT.
Protect Yourself and Your Tenants – Your Duty is to Care

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