Radiator Problems

A few common radiator problems are:-

a)  Painted valves – If your radiator has been painted this could mean that the valve has also been painted over.  Painted over valves are not easy to free without having to apply pressure and possibly some WD40.

b)  Hot at the top but cold at the bottom – This could possibly mean that there is sludge in the system.  This would require a chemical powerflush.  Please see our page on powerflushing and how much we can save you.

c)  No heat at all from radiators – First thing to check is whether or not the valve at the bottom is open.  To do this turn it clockwise.  If already open then there could be a problem with the valve.  Call an engineer to have replaced.  Our recommendations would be to have thermostatic rad valves fitted when replacing as this enables you to adjust the desired heat settings on individual radiators.

If you have any problems with either of the above and require an engineer’s visit then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01909 470402.

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