No Hot Water

When having difficulty getting hot water here are a few tips on what to check first before calling out an engineer.

Problems with the power?

If other gas and electrical appliances are working but your boiler isn’t then check your fuse box to make sure a switch hasn’t tripped and cut power to your system.

Is the pilot light on?

If your pilot has gone out then try relighting following the manufacturers instructions. If it keeps going out then you will need to call an engineer to have this checked out.

Water Pressure issue?

Your pressure should be reading between 1 and 1.5 bar. If it is below this range then adjust using your filling loop.

Thermostat high enough?

If your temperature is set below 21 degrees then it may not come on at all. You will need to increase the temperature. If you find there is no readings on your thermostat then check and change the batteries.

Timer Correct?

Power cuts and accidental knocks can throw your timer out. Check if this is correct and adjust if not according to your manufacturers instructions.

Tank or Cylinder?

You may have problems with the thermostat/programmer on your tank/cylinder. Check that it is displaying the right settings and change if needed.

Boiler Reset?

You may have to reset your boiler occasionally. Locate and reset to your manufacturers instructions. If the reset is on the inside of the casing then it is advised that an engineer is called out.

Main Switch?

If you have tried all of the above then switch the main switch off (for a few seconds) and then on again.

Cold Outside?

If the temperature is cold outside check to see if the condensate is frozen. If so thaw out using hot water (not boiling water) see our tips on Frozen Condensate pipes.

If any of the above checks have not resolved your issue then feel free to call out our engineer on 01909 470402.

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