Cold Radiators

If your radiators appear to be colder at the bottom than at the top, then there will be air in the system.  To release the air you will need to ‘bleed’ the radiators.  If this is not done then your system is not working efficiently and will put an extra strain on your boiler and … Continued

Low Boiler Pressure

If you appear to have no hot water and heating then one thing to always check before contacting a gas engineer is that the boiler has pressure in it. To do this you need to check the pressure gauge on the boiler. Generally if the pressure is below 1 bar then it will need to be topped up. … Continued

My condensate pipes are frozen!

Please note that as the cold/freezing temperatures are upon us, it is extremely common for the condensate pipes to freeze when the temperature drops below zero. Your boiler will then cut out as a safety precaution. If you are experiencing problems with your central heating, before calling out a gas engineer, creating unwanted call out … Continued

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