No Hot Water

When having difficulty getting hot water here are a few tips on what to check first before calling out an engineer. Problems with the power? If other gas and electrical appliances are working but your boiler isn’t then check your fuse box to make sure a switch hasn’t tripped and cut power to your system. … Continued

Radiator Problems

A few common radiator problems are:- a)  Painted valves – If your radiator has been painted this could mean that the valve has also been painted over.  Painted over valves are not easy to free without having to apply pressure and possibly some WD40. b)  Hot at the top but cold at the bottom – … Continued

Boiler Not Working!

Before calling out an engineer some useful tips on checks to carry out first are: Check that the batteries in your controller don’t need changing. Check that the fuse spur has not been switched off for the boiler. Pressure in the boiler doesn’t need topping up. Once all these checks have been carried out and … Continued

Warning Signs

Clunking noises, leaks, cracks or black, sooty marks all can suggest that your have a problem with your boiler.  Check your boiler regularly and look out for these warning signs.  Early detection and repairing of the fault can prolong the life of your boiler.  Make sure that external vents, flues and airbricks are always free … Continued

Turn on your Heating

Boilers can seize up if they are not used regularly.  It is therefore recommended that you turn on your heating for 10 or 15 minutes every so often during the Summer months to keep your boiler ticking over.

Gas Safety – Carbon Monoxide

A faulty boiler can produce carbon monoxide which is a gas that you cannot see, smell or taste.  Carbon monoxide can kill.  If you haven’t already got a carbon monoxide detector installed then our advice to you would be to have one installed, preferably with an alarm.  Have this installed near the boiler and check … Continued

Boilers in Cupboards

If your boiler is in a cupboard, is it surrounded with clutter? (coats, shoes, bags etc). Boilers need ventilation, so the space around the appliance should be kept free from clutter.  It should be easy to access, so always make sure your cupboard is reasonably tidy.  Your plumber or engineer should be able to advise … Continued

Blue Flame

The flame on your boiler should be a strong, clear blue.  If it appears yellow or smoky then there could be a problem and you should therefore contact a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Annual Servicing

Your boiler should be serviced once a year by a Gas Safe registered engineer.  Even if it appears to be in good working order it is advisable to still have it serviced.  The engineer will usually check all the parts and clean the components.  August/September is generally a good time to arrange your service in … Continued

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